At ACE we love to change up our cookie flavours to keep things interesting, You may have already noticed some at your local ACE dealer

Flavours change but are values always stay the same. Cookies remain glutenfree, vegan, refined sugar free, organic, soyfree, The cookies themselves are either made with nuts including cashews and roasted peanuts, we make our nut butters from scratch in house or for our nut free cookies we use tahini, every cookie is made with passion and love and you can eat them knowing that they are packed full of goodness that is free of nasties

We love using all natural colours to make our vibrant fillings, turmeric, hibiscus, rose petal, cacao just to name a few, these are then paired with therapeutic grade essential oils for flavouring.

For a full sensory experience smell the cookie before eating, you'll find alot of the essential oils we use are not only for taste, they are very aromatic and can evoke a sense of calm or can uplift your mood etc

This Autumn we have chosen to play on a couple of classics including "Turkish Delight" and "Jaffa"

Turkish delight is best known as a rose water flavoured filling encased in chocolate, We have used our Cashew Cacao Cookie and filled it with a vegan buttercream coloured with Red Rose Petal powder and Geranium essential oil, It smells completely amazing!

For our Jaffa we have used our Nut Free Cacao cookie which has a slight hint of sesame and paired it with a wild orange and tangerine filling. SUPER YUM

Some of our other flavours include Caramel Choc Chip (we always rotate a caramel cookie because CARAMEL!!!!) Peanut Acai - because acai bowls with Peanut butter are our FAVE and Cacao - 2 golden cookies with cacao filling DROOL!!!

Have you guys tried our cookies? We'd love to know what you think :) And remember did you even eat ACE if you didnt post it on INSTA ?

COOKIES FOR LIFE - and just a reminder, never leave home without a cookie